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You may recognize Mad Genius from my most recent song of the week, “Someone’s Screaming Outside”. This song is slightly creepy, but it is only the beginning.

I first heard about Mad Genius in a radio program on Third Coast Festival. Their program sounded fascinating, so I decided to look more into it. For those who don’t know, Mad Genius is a group that takes news events, and reports them. Not like most other journalists, they turn sound bites and YouTube video clips into songs. Songs that are, as previously stated, slightly creepy. For example, they produced a song about the 2012 Treyvon Martin shooting. You might recognize that from my last song of the week. However, they also produced a song about Hurricane Sandy. It is titled “The Adventures of Hurricane Mike.” For all of these songs, check out Mad Genius’ SoundCloud page, at


I find Mad Genius extremely interesting. The most interesting part, however, is their anonymity. The gentleman speaking on this radio program went by the name “Magnus Genioso”. He also brought an interesting message to the table: that they are super-heroes. They Bring information to people, uncensored and completely free. In fact, you can download their entire 2012 album free on SoundCloud. 

I highly encourage learning more about Mad Genius. I find them fascinating, and I’m sure that you will too.



Jacob Montgomery


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 Full radio program from Third Coast Festival Re:Sound (yes, it’s mainly about hacktivist group Anonymous, but it begins with Mad Genius) 


Song of the Week: 2/24/13

Mad Genius is an organization that takes news events and soundbytes about them and turns them into songs. THis is one of their crrepiest songs, “Someone’s Screaming Outside” about the shooting of Treyvon Martin. If you want to know more, listen to this radio program:

For more of their music:

Jacob Montgomery

Note: I’m planning on writing a full article more about Mad Genius in the future, because I find them very interesting. Stay tuned!

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