Thoughts about the new Doctor?

What are your thoghts about the Twelfth Doctor? Vote for up to two responses below, or write in your own response!

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Thanks for voting, and feel free to comment with feedback in the comments below!

~Jacob Montgomery

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts about the new Doctor?

  1. The Doctor as a woman I could never go for. That’s just not how the regenerations work! Appearance changes but not sex. Matt Smith is so young that older is really the only way to go or else he’ll be a teenager, lol. I’d go 40s to early 50s maybe. I also think The Doctor should always be British, just because a Doctor without that accent would seem kind of wrong. There’s no reason his race shouldn’t change, though. If there are two regenerations left, I say one should be black (Chiwetel Ejiofor would be perfect, I think, but he might be a bit too well-known), and for the last he should get to finally be ginger! 🙂

    • I agree. The Doctors have seemingly been getting younger and younger, especially in the New Series. I agree why an American Doctor would be weird, but I think it might happen. Doctor Who has been growing tremendously in popularity in the States, so I could definitely see it happening. I think an African Doctor would be awesome (Chiwetel Ejiofor), but a ginger would be better 🙂

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