A few things I noticed about the new Doctor Who episode

Note: There are episode spoilers in this post, so don’t read if you haven’t seen the episode. Check my previous post for my episode review.

1. Possibly the best nod to the Ponds yet, (although there hasn’t been much time,) is this book, titled Summer Falls. It is written by Amelia Williams, the same author who wrote Melody Malone in “The Angels Take Manhattan”. Also, after Clara asks the kid what chapter she is on, she replies by saying that “chapter 11 will make you cry”. Chapter 11 is the last chapter of Melody Malone, of course where the Ponds say their farewell.


2. The episode title, “The Bells of Saint John”, originally confused me. I couldn’t find any reference to a saint, John, or bells, until I looked more carefully at the TARDIS. Emblazoned on the right door is the logo of St. John Ambulance, a worldwide ambulance service and medical training station. The bells, of course, are referencing the TARDIS’s phone ringing, which shouldn’t even be ringing in the first place.

3. Social Media Jokes. When the head of The Shard is asking about it’s employees on social media, like Facebook and MySpace, all of them reply that they are on them and they have posted where they work. Also, Clara makes a joke about Twitter, showing that she is a computer genius (because only computer geniuses can make jokes about Twitter).

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment with feedback in the comments below!

~Jacob Montgomery

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