OPINION: Independent Games

As a consumer, you have the power to decide what games are made. Although not directly, you vote with your money. Obviously, games that sell more are generally followed up with a sequel or other games similar to it are made. For example, when Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series was released, it was a hit. By now, Sony has caught on to this franchise, and countered it with a platform brawler, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. However, it is the games that do not go with the mainstream interests that really define the industry as a whole While everybody remembers games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, many people will not remember smaller games, like Limbo or Fez. 

Indie games are usually made by a small team of a few people, or maybe as few as one.  These are people who try to build a game in their free time, and it is not their job. It goes without saying that these games are usually smaller than the big triple A sluggers, and their production value is also lower than most mainstream games. However, games made by developers such as Polytron are usually chaper, under $20 dollars. For the price, these games offer a large amount of enjoyment, and are usually represent the cuter, light-hearted side of games. When you get 2-5 hours for each $20 game, and 4-7 hours for a $60 game, it is easy to see which is the better deal.

However, just like all games, there is always someone who doesn’t enjoy a certain type of game. Everybody has an opinion, and whatever people like is fine. But the joy of Indie games is that they are relatively cheap, compared to more popular games, so you’re not really losing much if you decide to give these games a try. 
Not only do Indie games provide enjoyment for a small cost, purchasing Indie games helps benefits and encourages other indie developers. Many small developers don’t even sell many copies of their first few games, and even experienced developers may only get 30% of their sales. Whenever you purchase an Indie game, every penny counts. As I mentioned earlier, Indie games are usually develped by a smaller team as a part-time “job”. Due to this,”employees” do not get paid while they’re working, and only get money from actual sales. And the sad part is, if a small studio can’t afford to keep up maintenece, they’re simply going to stop making games, no matter what the quality, and this creates a sinkhole in the industry. We need Indie games, and they need consumers like us to allow them to create more. 




Jacob Montgomery

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