NEWS: Boy Scouts to Lift Ban on Gay Involvement

This article is about the struggle within the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to allow gay scouts and leaders into the program. For more than a century, the BSA has not allowed openly gay scouts and leaders to take part in activities. However, this might change. Discussion resumed last week about lifting the ban. However, according to this article by the NY Times, the discussion may have been sparked by the leak that they would be discussion may have been sparked by the leak that they would be discussing this. BSA officials were planning on discussing this plan at the annual national meeting that is held every May.

boy scout 3

A large part of why the Boy Scouts of America remains successful is through the sponsorship of local organizations. Over half of the troops enrolled are sponsored by a church, and as you might know, most oppose homosexuals. However, the BSA is willing to move past this. Many believe that this is something that may have been useful one-hundred years ago, but times have changed. Perhaps it is time to let anybody join Boy Scouts, regardless of their sexuality.

 boy scout 2


I think that this article is interesting because I was involved in Boy Scouts. I was very disturbed when I first read this, because it directly opposes on one of the core values that Scouting is built around: to be Reverent. This means not only to accept other people’s religious beliefs, but to respect whatever choices they may make. I think that officials should get away from the old ways, and adjust their program so that as many boys as possible can enjoy the experience.


Full story from the New York Times can be found here:


Jacob Montgomery

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