Product Review: Logitech x140 Stereo Speakers

Logitech x140 Stereo Speakers

Okay, this is my first product review I have done, so please bear with me and give me some suggestions for the future.

I received the Logitech x140 speakers about a month ago, for Christmas. I needed new speakers since I just got a new laptop a few months ago. I wasn’t really expecting much from them, considering that they weren’t especially high-end. While they aren’t amazing, these speaker s are definitely worth more than the $30 that they are priced at. They don’t have the best bass quality, or music reproduction, but they are excellent for casual listening.


These speakers require 5 W of energy. Has a 3.5 mm audio jack, which is fine for almost all MP3 players and computers, and has a headphone and audio-in jack on the front. There are controls for volume(power also) and tone, however they are only on the main speaker. As far as I have tested them, the headphone jack works just fine , although I haven’t experimented with the audio-in.


As seen in the picture above, the speaker are about 10.5″ tall and 3″ wide. These speakers have a sturdy base, so that they will not fall over, and they haven’t. I haven’t had any trouble connecting them, as the cord is plenty long, at least 4 feet. There is a green L-jack that plugs into the audio jack in a MP3 player or computer. The speakers themselves look nice, and the material used is nicer than some on other speakers. There is a hard plastic grid over the speakers grilles themselves, but the panel with the dials and the dials feel cheap, like they could break off anytime.


As mentioned before, these speakers are not amazing. The bass and reproduction are not top-quality, but they are suitable for the price range. The volume range on these is decent; I could probably hear a song from about 30 ft away. The x140 is obviously not Logitech’s best, however they are all around average. If you want something with more bass or equalizer, you may want to try the Logitech Z-4s.


As you may have seen from my review up to this point, these speakers are average. However, the nice, sturdy bass on the speakers and good price range are definitely good things about them, while the sub-par bass can dissuade some potential buyers.


Jacob Montgomery

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